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Changes in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) are Impacting Faxing

We started offering message faxing to our clients in 1988. The key to the success of faxing was its simplicity and ease of use.  When asked why, users often answered that “it just works.”  Facsimile services worked over standard POTS Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines.  The ability to send a document and confirm receipt, […]

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The Power of Two-Way Secure Texting:

At Keystone Answering Service, we understand every message is important. We also understand your on-call person can’t be readily available every time the phone rings.  Scenario Betty Jean’s hot water tank is leaking. She has steamy water leaking everywhere. She quickly looks up Plumbers and starts calling. She leaves a message with Company #1 and […]

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Head Out the Office Door Quickly with “Express Check Out”

Introducing a new call forwarding feature from Keystone Answering Service At 5 pm, after long day serving their own customers, all of our clients forward their phone lines to us.  Until now, our system has required clients to call Keystone and speak with an agent or supervisor at check out time to transition their lines […]

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