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Social Media Disclaimer

We reserve the right to remove comments/materials from Keystone’s social media tools when those comments/materials, in the department’s sole discretion, are:

Potentially libelous
Obscene or sexually explicit comments
Hateful or mean-spirited
Personal attacks, insults, profane, name-calling, or threatening language
Plagiarized material or material that potentially violates intellectual property rights
Private, personal information published without consent
Commercial promotions or spam
Off topic or that link to material that is off topic
Embedded images from external sources
Violate any law or promote the violation of any law
Encourage or constitute prohibited discriminatory or harassing conduct
Made by a person masquerading as someone else

Additionally, Keystone Answering Service reserves the right to terminate a person’s ability to post comments/materials or otherwise participate in when the person has repeatedly posted any of the above listed inappropriate comments/materials.

The comments posted by parties other than Keystone Answering Service do not represent the opinions or views of Keystone Answering Service.

Nothing contained herein should be deemed to represent the official views of Keystone Answering Service.