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Head Out the Office Door Quickly with “Express Check Out”

Introducing a new call forwarding feature from Keystone Answering Service

At 5 pm, after long day serving their own customers, all of our clients forward their phone lines to us.  Until now, our system has required clients to call Keystone and speak with an agent or supervisor at check out time to transition their lines to us.  However, when all of our clients doing this at the same time, they may have incurred a wait to accomplish this task.  No one wants to wait when it’s time to go home.

Here at Keystone, we’re always looking for ways to make your evening check out a seamless and easy process.  A few weeks back, we began to deploy a new feature for our clients, to help get them out the door faster: Express Check Out.  Currently, we have eighty customers using this service. Will you be next?

This system’s Startel switch is state-of-the-art.   When you call forward your Office lines to us for the day.  Our system will know it’s your office calling.  

How Does Express Check Out Work?

  1. Forward your phone lines to check out. This is easy to do by calling your Keystone dedicated call forwarding number. Our switch will recognize the number – your main telephone number – from which you’re calling, and match it with our database.
  2. Receive a special greeting. You know you’ve successfully checked out when you hear: “You have successfully reached the answering service. Please stay on the line if you wish to speak to an agent.”  If you need to speak with us one evening, rather than utilize Express Check Out, our staff is still available to assist you.  

Please note, any calls to your phone number during and after the Express Check Out process will be answered by our live agents; or, callers will hear your personalized greeting and be transferred to an agent.  (They will not hear your check out greeting because they’re not calling from your main telephone line.)  It’s your responsibility to execute the call forwarding to Keystone. 

Try This Useful Feature Today!

We encourage you to experience Express Check Out.  We think you’ll be impressed with the ease of this process and the time you’ll save using it.  With no additional cost to use this feature, it makes using it an easy decision.

We’ll be adding about ten Keystone Answering Service customers per day to the new Express Check Out program.  If you have any questions, or wish to receive this feature sooner, please call Kelly Goodwin at (215) 968-7800.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to sign out quickly and easily.  We appreciate serving you.  With this new feature, it’s easy for you to forward your calls and leave the phone lines to us!